Trade Fair FIMAI 2012, Brazil
Trade Fair FIMAI 2012, Brazil

After a late arrival in Brazil because of technical problems with the flight to São Paulo, things really got going for Gabriele Blobel. As a “one-woman trade fair team”, and with the active support of her tried and tested translator, Frau Daniely, the company boss spent the next three days working under great pressure. For Norbert Blobel was unfortunately unable to travel to FIMAI as planned because he was needed at several construction sites on the other side of the world.

Nevertheless, everything went well: even the plasma TV that had been ordered especially to show our new trade fair film was quickly replaced after first being stolen. The assistance offered by locals, combined with an obviously effective sign language, ensured that the Blobel stand was soon fitted out with sample barriers. Dismantling the stand proved just as unproblematic thanks to the reliability and thoroughness of the helpers and the haulage company.
Although lots of people visited our stand on the first day, there weren’t many trade professionals among them. But this did provide us with ample opportunity to engage in casual conversation as a way of gearing up for the open, communicative and very friendly Brazilians.
The second day brought with it many interesting technical discussions. Our stand was also visited by a number of trade associations, who offered their help in establishing contacts. The third and last day proved to be a very lively one for us, with plenty of specific inquiries. All in all, we were delighted with our participation at the fair and attendance at the joint Bavarian stand. Our new trade fair film was very well received and attracted a lot of interest, and so we’ll be expanding and lengthening it for future use.

On the relaxation side, the programme once again included a feast for the Bavarian exhibitors, this time at a Brazilian steakhouse, where the waiters carry the meat to your table on skewers and slice it straight onto your plate. At the same time, we were able to broaden our horizons with regard to caipirinhas, which are drunk in numerous variations here in its country of origin. There’s the classic de Limão version, but also de Morango e Jabuticaba, de Caju, de Lichia, de Tangerina, Tropical …