schulung schweiz 2012 01
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Our newly-created training area: a hive of activity

Following our first training course for distributors back in July, the first in a series of training courses for technicians was held on 28 September for our team in Switzerland.

This training day was organised and conducted by Norbert Blobel Jr. and Sebastian Prestel. The morning consisted of theoretical lessons on the subject of Blobel barriers, followed by an afternoon of practical work in the showroom. Topics covered included special mechanical features, fully automatic barriers and the various types of switch cabinets. This gave participants an opportunity to practise setting up and adjusting barriers, troubleshoot faulty switching under the guidance of the instructors, and ask questions related to their daily work. At the end of the day, the many questions posed by the participants were compiled – along with the relevant answers – into a set of practical FAQs.

The high level of interest shown was more than ample confirmation that our current training options are exactly what distributors and technicians need. We’re convinced that their newly-acquired skills, along with the sound knowledge they already possess, will help to provide our colleagues with greater on-site competence and assurance – much to the benefit of our customers. Before leaving for home, the Swiss team were handed certificates of attendance hot off the press.