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The “European Flood Protection Association” (Europaverband Hochwasserschutz e. V.), founded in Munich on 4 May 2011, introduced itself to experts at the acqua alta trade fair in Hamburg last October. Eighteen companies from five European countries had unanimously voted in favour of founding an association to deal with issues that may affect those involved in flood protection. The proposal resulted, among other things, from an attempt by “numerous stakeholders” to dictate production and safety criteria – especially concerning mobile flood protection systems – to the manufacturers. The association intends to take action against such interference from outside. If the association’s statutes come into force, the current Europe-wide practice of establishing a flood protection system in the run-up to public tenders will also cease. According to the statutes: “Product neutrality in public and corporate tenders will lead flood protection back to the market economy, and it will no longer remain in the hands of small groups.” A research institute will be set up to deal with quality labels and to develop the association’s policy. BLOBEL Umwelttechnik is a member of the association.

Link: www.europaverband-hochwasserschutz.eu