Containment Systems

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BLOBEL spill barriers are perfectly adaptable for all your company requirements. Whether you plan a new building or strive to improve the environmental protection of an old building, we have the right barrier for every situation.


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Flood Protection

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BLOBEL flood protection barriers are simply inserted into brackets permanently attached to any door that is likely to be exposed to flooding. Mobile or stationary fixtures enable you to erect entire flood protection walls – even across a street, for example. BLOBEL also offers tailor-made window covers to prevent flood water from entering your premises.

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Storm water drain covers

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Our inflow protection system means that the whole premises are protected. They are mostly made of steel plates and special sealing materials which can be used perfectly on all kinds of surfaces. The drain covers function under their own weight or can be anchored in or on a drain. Transport is made easy by using our special trolleys.

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Our Biggest Order: 110 Spill and Containment Barriers in Georgia

Our Biggest Order: 110 Spill and Containment Barriers in Georgia
As the owner of BLOBEL Environmental Engineering LLC, Delaware, USA, Norbert Blobel coordinated and oversaw the installation of our biggest joint contract to date: a total of 94 fully automatic BLOBEL barriers (90 BDD-U-PM for loading ramps and 4 BED-PM), along with 16 semi-automatic barriers provided by the company GSB. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive...
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City of Salzburg, Austria

City of Salzburg, Austria

The fact that people in Salzburg were able to take a relatively relaxed view of the flood situation in the spring of 2013 – and keep their feet dry as well – was due not least of all to the BLOBEL flood barriers, which provided effective protection in critical areas....
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Flood Barrier Testing And More Flood Barrier Testing

Flood Barrier Testing And More Flood Barrier Testing
Since inception of BLOBEL Germany in 1991 BLOBEL prides its self of not having had a single flood barrier system failure. While there are various Standards out in the market place and we make sure that we meet and exceed these, we are also conducting our own test. With our own flood barrier testing facility we test and push our systems beyond specifications and limits. Our customers therefore can rest...
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bl-htl-sb mini

Article Index: 322


  • Barrier, slide-insert
  • Special design for mounting within the opening
  • Uncomplicated, ease in handling


Standard height:

400–2000 mm

Standard length:

up to 6000 mm

Special situations:

upon request


50 mm


Suitable for crack-free surfaces with ground/floor unevenness of up to 15 mm, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc.

The floodwater barrier consists of a hollow, aluminium body section with lower edge protection. A compressible, highly-adaptable special seal is applied to the bottom side.

The floodwater barrier is rigidly installed universally mounted in two "U"-shaped mounting devices by way of preference within a door/gate opening, between walls, etc. and sealed against the building or structure.

With a special version, mounting is also possible outside of the opening.

Two rotating tensioning levers are mounted on the barrier body. With these, the necessary force can be applied in the guide rails and against the surface in order to lock and seal the unit and provide for a reliable seal.

Wall mounts are included in the scope of delivery in order to provide for orderly storage. Steel components are galvanized. The aluminium barrier sections have a polished bare metal finish. Paint finish or powder coating upon request.

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